7 Rewarding Reasons To Quit Smoking That You usually Overlook​

Smoking can be addicting, but there is no good reason to smoke. Here are some reasons to remind yourself to quit smoking as early as possible.


Prevent smoking-related diseases


According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is linked to 15 forms of cancer and half of all smokers who continue with their habit die of a cancer-related disease. Smokers are up to 30 times more likely to develop lung cancer, heart cancer and other diseases. The longer you smoke, the higher your risk.


Repair your body


Smoking prematurely ages the skin, wrinkles, poor circulation and even increases the chance of getting stroke. Smoking also stains your teeth, fingers, fingernails and causes bad breath.


However, your body can start repairing within hours after your last cigarette. Within weeks, your blood circulation and ability to breathe improve dramatically and you can even get back your sense of smell and taste.


Provide you good sleep


Smoking keeps you from falling into a deep sleep and makes you feel unrested in the morning.


Make you live longer


According to studies, male smokers lose an average of 13.2 years of life while female smokers lose an average of 14.5 years of life due to smoking. If you know the bad effect of smoking, don’t just say the damage is already done and assume it is too late to quit smoking. Nothing is never too late. There’s a lot of data suggests that quitting at any age is positive for your health. Even people who quit their smoking at age 50 can cut their odds of dying during the next 15 years in half.


Grant intermediate and long-terms rewards


• 20 minutes: heart rate and blood pressure drop.

• 12 hours: carbon monoxide in the bloodstream drops to normal.

• 2 weeks–3 months: circulation, lung function improves; heart attack risk begins to drop.

• 1–9 months: cough less, breathe easier.

• 1 year: risk of coronary heart disease cuts in half.

• 2–5 years: risk of cancer of mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder cuts in half; stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker.

• 10 years: half as likely to die from lung cancer; risk of kidney or pancreatic cancer decreases.

• 15 years: risk of coronary heart disease same as non-smoker’s risk.


Can protect your family and friends


Smokers aren’t just taking themselves down but also harming everyone exposed to their smoke which called “secondhand smoke.” Each year, 500,000 people and more, especially children and unborn children, are suffered due to secondhand smoke. It has been proven to cause many illnesses, diseases and even death. If you don’t want to be someone who harm your family and friends, you better quit smoking.


Save money


Actually, smoking is a very expensive habit. The average smoker spends about $2,200 a year. Saying no to cigarettes will let you spend the money on other things or save it.


Want to quit smoking but hard to lose the habit?


We have e-cigarettes which can be used us an alternative way to quit smoking.