9 Things You Need to Check Before Buying An Electronic Cigarette Pod​

Electronic cigarette pods can help most people stop smoking eventually. They can mostly offer satisfactoriness as they are very convenient to use. If you are going to buy an electronic cigarette pod, you should firstly check the following 9 things.


Better Performance

The cloud production is a critical thing to check. The more increased the wattage, the better cloud production performance the electronic cigarette pod has to offer on every hit. It depends on the model. Choose the best model that fits your need and that looks almost identical to the traditional cigarette for your enjoyable smoking experience.



It’s very important that your electronic cigarette pod should be refillable by yourself. A variety of flavors and a different mood of strength are available and therefore you can create them as you want to vape if you are able to refill by yourself.


Longer Battery Life

You must check whether your electronic cigarette battery can provide higher wattage capability, longer life of the device between the charges, as well as a much greater performance. If battery life is poor, you have to purchase for battery again and again which will cost much in the long run. You can choose either manual type or automatic type.


Adjustable Voltage & Other Settings

Electronic cigarette pods are available in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can also provide many new advanced additional settings like variable wattage/voltage, different coil types, and even temperature control. You can customize how to deliver power, and how effect on the device vapes.



While you are choosing the electronic cigarette pod, inhaling is also another important thing to check. If your electronic cigarette pod does not hit the back of your throat, it can mean that it is defeating its purpose which you can get from the traditional cigarette.


Removable Coils

Removable coils are sometimes very great. If your electronic cigarette pod uses the replaceable coil heads, you can replace with your favourite coil head like a pack of MTL (mouth-to-lung) coil heads, a pack of DTL (direct lung), or sub-ohm coil heads and switch-up your vaping throughout the week.


Take Up Less Room in Your Pocket

If your electronic cigarette pod is large, it will take up a fair bit of room in your pocket. You will not choose it while you are on nights out or when you are travelling. To travel for days or a week, don’t miss a MicroUSB charger and any spare pods.


Price and Warranty

You should choose the electronic cigarette pod that provides not only a good value for money, but also guarantees a great service. Some sellers of electronic cigarette pod offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For the warranty, always read the terms and conditions before you make your purchase.


Safety Features

You should ensure that your electronic cigarette pod doesn’t misfire. If your pod uses a low ohm coil combining with a non-compatible battery, it can lead to failure, without any safety measures to stop it from happening.