Beginner’s Guide: Different Types of E-Cigaret tes​

Do you want to reduce or quit smoking? This guide will help you get the basic understanding of the different types of e-cigarettes available. Before mentioning about the types of e-cigarettes, we would like to explain a bit about e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are different from traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are battery powered, hand held electronic cigarette or vaporizer. There is no flame, smoke nor ash. They either use cartridges or a tank system filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, flavorings or other ingredients. The e-cigarettes heat that liquid into a vapor for the user to inhale.


Let’s see various types of e-cigarettes available.


E-cigarettesWhile all nicotine vapes can be called “e-cigarettes”, the term is most commonly used for smallest and simplest vapes. They are ready for immediate use and can dispose after used which can increase single waste though. E-cigarettes work great with high nicotine in providing a satisfying hit, which makes them work well for smokers looking for a quick entry into vaping and perfect for stealth vaping.


Pen Vapes

Pen style vaporizer is rechargeable and perfect for adult consumers who are new to vaping. These vapes are more of a description of how design looks. They come in various size and power output. These devices vary in battery type: some of them have an internal battery while other variations have supported the use of an external battery. The compact size of pen style e-cigarettes is small enough to carry around and easy to use. Pen vape contains both e-liquid and a coil. Cartridges are available in tobacco and menthol, which contain a nicotine level of 27 mg/ml.


Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are one of the practical vaping devices available. A pod vape is usually a two-piece device: one piece being the battery and the other being a replaceable or often refillable pod. Pod vapes are usually affordable and very easy to use. They are a perfect fit for nicotine salt e-liquid, making them a very efficient vape for nicotine delivery. Pod kits are the newest craze in both MTL (mouth to lung) and Sub Ohm vaping which provide an efficient way of vaping with compact kits that have enough power to provide the nicotine you need.


Box Mods

Compare to other devices, box mod kits are larger and more powerful vapes. They usually come in the form of external vape batteries. Most box mods come with settings and features such as variable wattage or even temperature control. The extra size usually means longer battery life and better performance. The included tanks can be MTL cartomizers or direct lung (DTL) sub ohm tanks.


Sqnouk Mods

Sqnouk mods are one of the newer types of vaping device setup with a Sqnouk capable box mod and a bottom-fed RDA. It has a practical method for feeding your atomizer with e-liquid. Sqnouk mods are high-performing device.


There are also other types of vape available in the market which are not just for the beginners. For more information, contact us on