• Refillable pod systems: The refillable pod systems are also known as open system vapes. They contain empty pods that can be manually refilled e-liquid by the user. The user can explore and use a wide range of flavors.


• Prefilled pod systems: The prefilled pod systems are also known as closed system vapes as they cannot allow the user to refill e-liquid. They usually come with the pre-filled e-juice from the manufacturer. These pre-filled e-juices can offer both pros and cons to the users. If you buy these pre-filled pods, you don’t need to worry about choosing flavors and refilling e-juices, especially if you are new to vaping. On the other hand, as the flavors are limited, you have to buy a replacement from the same manufacturer when the e-juice in your pod is gone.

Are Pod Systems Right for You?


The most important thing you need to check first is whether the pod systems are right for you. You should try to know the basics of the pod system vapes as well as how they work, including their pros and cons of each system in order to have an overall idea of whether they might suit you by now.


Be careful of a huge cloud-chucking option. A compact device is a benefit to you and well worth considering a pod system. They are satisfied as bigger devices if they are paired with the right juice and really well-suited to the just-switching smokers or anybody who is looking for something simple and portable.


For the beginners who quit smoking, pod systems are a wonderfully easy to use invention. If your friends and family are expecting you to quit smoking, get yourself a pod system to avoid withdrawal symptoms later.






Everything You Need to Know About Pod System E-Cigarettes​

What are Pod Systems?


Pod systems are the groundbreaking innovations and creative engineering of a super sample device that holds the e-liquid. They’re in the middle between a basic e-cigarette and an advanced vape mod. Pod systems gain a huge win for the vapers everywhere as it makes easier rather than ever to enjoy a quality vaping experience.


The biggest reason why pod system has become so popular is that their manufacturers have put considerable work into the designing devices to offer an authentic cigarette-like experience, as well as making it a smooth, easy, and enjoyable option.


Since recent years, pod systems have been the most popular innovation to hit the market, offering the perfect balance of easy use, affordability, and quality performance. Also, for many vapers, they are the ideal way to enjoy an incredible vape experience, which encapsulates everything they formerly enjoyed about cigarette smoking.


Moreover, their introduction comes with a super inexpensive, ultra-simple system as well as budget-friendly, easy to use, and highly portable. The pod system manages to capture the best of both worlds that the power of a box mod and the easy portability of a vape pen. You’ll enjoy their pleasantly hassle-free and discreet experience.


Types of Pod Systems


Two types of pod systems are available: