Introducing Kardinal Stick Pod System E-Cigarette (KS Pod)​

Kardinal Stick is an electric cigarette which helps quit smoking. KS Pod, especially made for Kardinal, with various flavors allowing you to enjoy a combination of different flavors. It can open to new experiences along the way. With a new generation of innovations, Kardinal Stick becomes easy to use with unique tastes which are better than before and you will immediately forget the real cigarette.


In contrast with a real cigarette, a Kardinal Stick is easy to use and carry. The fragrance has many flavors to choose from. It does neither spoil the personality nor disturb the surrounding. It is safe, not harmful to the body and reduces the chance of getting a disease as traditional cigarette smokers who are exposed to more than 4,000 dangerous and harmful substances in cigarettes. Furthermore, it is more economical.


Kardinal Stick Pod E-cigarette is designed for smokers who would like to get an exclusive aesthetic taste with simplicity, yet sophistication and care.


The design is minimalist and utilitarian. It has high portability and easily fits in the pocket. The lack of button or switches makes no need to press the button to plug the pod head and pump immediately. It has outstanding battery life with the capacity of 450 mAh which can be used for a full day, but the charging time only takes 40-60 minutes through a USB Type-C charging.


Smart systems, LED indicator display logic and vibration are indicating the status of the device. It has impressive pod capacity of 2ml e-liquid which can be used 250 to 350 times and also provides an efficient nicotine delivery. Thermal resistance is 1.0 – 1.2 ohm and the body is made of PCTG, FDA certified medical grade material. There are 6 colors available for your personalization and including 1-year product quality guarantee.


KS Pod is a closed pod system which was the first type of pod device to take over the market. It comprises a battery and a pod cartridge that already contains juice. All the manufacturer of a closed pod system will offer a variety of flavors for you to choose. Thus, all that you have to do is to snap the pod cartridge and vape away.


Advantages and disadvantages of closed pod system

These devices are easier to use without a lot of effort to enjoy the vaping experience. As these vapes are pre-filled, you don’t have to deal with pouring the e-liquid into the atomizer.  Therefore, you’ll save time and some effort. In open pod systems, a pod cartridge that’s too full can leak, resulting in a variety of annoyance but closed pod system prevents that from happening.


However, one of the biggest drawbacks of a closed pod system is the fact that the user can’t experiment with the enormous variety of flavors because they can only use the pre-filled pods made by the same manufacturer.


Equipment in the Box contains:

1. Kardinal Stick

2. Heads solution

3. USB Type-C charging cable

4. Instruction manual and product quality guarantee: 1 year