Traditional Cigarettes vs. Kardinal Stick Pod System E-Cigarette​

Since many centuries, cigarettes have been popular among people, although they know they are not good for their health. Nowadays, our new generation invented Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarette to open a new experience along the way. Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes can make you forget the experience of real cigarettes with their easy usage and unique tastes and they are better than before as it requires a little work to get a good hit. They are designed for the smokers to deliver exclusive aesthetic tastes with simplicity, sophistication, and care with various flavors.


Cigarettes are made with tobacco which has many cancer-causing chemicals and ingredients. But, Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes are tobacco-free.


Cigarette has a foul smell as its smoking is caused by burning the tobacco which makes it foul while Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarette includes e-liquid with outstanding battery life. Even with 40-60 minutes charging time, they can last for a full day usage.


They are made with PCTG that is FDA certified medical grade material and minimalist and utilitarian design that offers portable, small, and easily fits in the pocket, so you can carry it everywhere. The aroma of Kardinal stick is available in a variety of choices.


The smoking smell of cigarettes is unsafe and harmful to the surrounding people with more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals, which can be extremely harmful to the body and have the same chance of getting a disease like the smoker (secondhand smoke). But, Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes can make you look smart among people with their smart systems of LED lights and vibration indicating the status of the device. They are available 6 colors for personalization. Their thermal resistance is 1.0 – 1.2 ohm. Moreover, they can offer the flavors ranging from the sweet and fruity to the more basic varieties of tobacco and menthol that will make you happy. No muss, no fuss, and no leftover taste from the last flavor in there.


Unlike cigarettes, Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes contain the detectable levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals as they are tobacco-free. The smoke of cigarettes can cause long-lasting inflammation to your body and lead to chronic diseases like bronchitis, emphysema, and heart disease while nicotine level choices are limited in Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes. But, it is not the reason to believe that Kardinal stick will significantly reduce the risks for these diseases. Depending on the brand, nicotine level can be chosen in the range of about 25 to 50. And, their liquid is also refillable and come in addition and more as well as can be mixed to create a precise level desired by the user.


Some people desire to use nicotine salts as they want to get a much smoother, easier throat hit than a regular one, even at super high nicotine levels. Therefore, Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes offer enough choice for beginners. The cigarettes are usually expensive, while the initial investment in Kardinal stick pod system e-cigarettes is low.